“Before I started working with Leanne, I could never get into yoga. I was more of a cardio girl, and wanted a high adrenalin high impact workout. I thought I would try yoga to balance out my running. As soon as I started working with her, I became addicted. Not only has she changed my body, and the way I approach exercise, but her weekly sessions have given me an increased sense of serenity and balance in my life, not to mention more flexibility, longer leaner muscles, and an overall feeling of health and well being.”

Eleanor Ylvisaker, founder, PR Director, Earnest Sewn


“Amanda possesses all the qualities that I look for in a yoga teacher — knowledge, strength, warmth, and precision. Her classes are immensely challenging and invigorating, but also incredibly calming and centering. She has such a nurturing quality that, even when she is encouraging me to move deeper into a pose, I feel peaceful, steady and confident that there are endless possibilities. Amanda has seen me through my entire pregnancy and has given me invaluable support both physically and emotionally. The strong gentle energy of Amanda's voice and instruction, her adjustments and sequencing, combined with great tunes make her classes ones I never want to miss. I feel stable, energized, centered — in the present moment always.”

Naomi Watts, actress


“Having studied yoga in so many different classes and practices for a number of years now, I don’t think I’ve ever learned as much or improved as rapidly as I have in these past few months doing privates with Leanne. She’s a truly amazing teacher with such incredible knowledge of the body as well as each posture she teaches — And she always takes the time to make sure you fully understand, to make sure you really get it right and extract the maximum benefits. In addition to being a great teacher, Leanne always has a huge smile whenever she comes in and makes sure to check in with how you’re doing, not just physically but also emotionally. Leanne also has no problem laughing with you, through all those struggles that come when you’re trying to get the body to do new things. Her lessons are not only tough, but a lot of fun. Honestly of all the different teachers I’ve worked with, I would hands down recommend Leanne. This woman is a bonafied YOGA ROCKSTAR — Trust me, your waist-line will thank you later!”

Maggie Betts


“Amanda works with immense sensitivity to personal rhythm. Even in a group of mixed levels, everyone feels fulfilled at whatever stage they're in. She leads with grace, expresses wisdom without blabber, and creates clarity without tension. Having an extensive dance background, Amanda is extremely knowledgeable about the inner workings of the human body; therefore her instructions are precise, easy to follow and safe. With her personable touch and confident guidance I feel calm, rejuvenated, strong and educated about my own body each time I leave.”

Mili Avital, actress


“After practicing yoga on and off for six years, I have finally found the greatest teacher imaginable! Leanne has truly taken my practice to another level — something no other teacher has been able to do. I can honestly say that I have learned more from Leanne in 3 months than I learned in six years! Leanne has helped me improve my technique and correct everything I was doing wrong. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she has a wonderful way of explaining how things should be done, and why they should be done that way — which leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation of yoga. Her sunny personality is something I look forward to every week!”

Ferebee Bishop Taube, Public Relations Consultant


“Amanda's knowledge of the human body and how it flows into various poses, combined with her calm and collected presence makes her my favorite yoga instructor in NYC, and beyond. She is graceful, spiritual, grounded and exudes positive light and energy. I cherish Amanda's classes — somehow they are challenging both physically and mentally, while at the same time being a refreshing release.”

Kelly McCormick, film producer


“I am 30 years old and never tried Yoga until a few months ago when I decided to give it a try. Lucky enough my first experience was with Leanne. Leanne is amazing. She knows how to teach and also knows how to make yoga a fabulous experience. I was not flexible at all and Leanne has been helping me work on that. I can already see the results. Very impressive. I could not see myself doing Yoga with someone else than Leanne. She is simply great.”

Philip Eytan, Hedge fund manager


“Amanda’s calming and guiding voice helps center and focus you even through the more challenging positions. Pair this with her smile and you feel that you can do it all. Amanda has a firm knowledge of the physiology of the body, and she is able to easily instruct and guide you into the right position without making you overextend yourself.”

Dan Rothmann, fashionista victim and homebody to the stars,
Dolce & Gabbana Menswear


“Amanda has an amazing ability to help one feel balanced and confident enough to push through stages of their practice that they may have not been able to achieve before. By the time I was in my second “Amanda” class I found myself doing a handstand with a bit of poise and grace, a feat I had never been able to accomplish before. As if this were not enough there is the added benefit of sharing in Amanda’s lovely light, which is reflected in her inner and outer beauty. In brief both she and her classes are a complete joy!”

John Eason, interior designer