Yoga is personal and powerful

Yoga should be adapted to suit your needs. With the appropriate yoga practice, you can explore your own unique and individual breakthroughs.


Yoga is accessible to all

It is not only for the fit, flexible and experienced. We come to you and develop an exclusively customized session. An advanced practice, a restorative practice, prenatal, therapeutic — whatever you need.


Yoga honors the body and mind

We believe in improving one's health and well-being — physically and mentally — in a non-intimidating and enjoyable way.


Yoga brings effects that are continuously evolving

Whether it's increasing your flexibility, relieving stress, or finding balance, we will assist you in discovering strength, clarity and freedom in your physical and mental body.


Yoga is as spiritual as one pleases

We impose no guru and reject no god.


Remember the breath

Slow and deep, simple and effective.